Waterfront Awards 2023 Gala media registration is now open.

The Waterfront Awards welcomes the media to apply for media accreditation. Please note that this process allows us to vet through applicants to ensure credibility of those who will in fact provide coverage since, being a charity event, we have a limited number of media passes. We appreciate your time and interest in The Waterfront Awards.

If you are a blogger / podcast or print/digital media, we require you to either publish interviews with participants, publish content covering our events (ie. a full blog post referencing participants or vlog recap) or a combination of both types of coverage. We would appreciate promotional activity prior to the event.


To be considered, please email Waterfront Media Group at

YOU MUST include the following information in your email:

  • Name:
  • Business/Blog/Podcast/Publication Name:
  • Position:
  • Email:
  • What type of Media is your business (ie. Blogger, Print Media, Podcast, Digital Magazine):
  • LinkedIn Profile/URL:
  • Social Media Handle
  •  # of followers or reach:
  • Links to past event coverage:
  • Type of media you will be providing for the Waterfront Awards Gala:
  • In addition to media coverage, will you also provide social media promotion before, during or after the event?


To be considered, please ensure all requested information is provided. Media inquiries and interview requests can be directed to the same email: