Alexa Ray

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Alexa Ray is a recording artist, singer, songwriter and lyricist who’s epic performances weave between the worlds of pop and classical. Her former operatic training has led her around the world performing multiple venues across the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and winning multiple awards and competitions in her youth. Now, Alexa Ray is working to redefine the landscape with her unique style, blending her powerful and emotive vocals alongside electronic cinematic productions to create music inspired by television, film and game.

Quickly becoming a sought after lyricist and recording artist, Alexa has been a featured artist on a number of albums including Brothers (Sound Rush), A World of Colour (End Of Silence album), and From The Ashes (ATOM MUSIC AUDIO) which landed in Amazon’s Classical top 100’s chart.

Alexa has had her work streamed millions of times by audiences around the world. In 2018 she was nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Best Contemporary artist, and again in 2019 won for Best Lyricist. Later that year Alexa was honored at Queens Park where she received a standing ovation for representing Canadian talent abroad.

In addition to her career, Alexa is passionate about supporting the arts and in 2019 formed Stage 9 Secrets, an online fashion boutique which aims to offer affordable branding solutions for artists. In addition to attire, Stage 9 Secrets offers a network of resources, reward programs and sponsorships in effort to support independent emerging artists and talent