Alice Li

Award Nomination:

Outstanding Innovator








Alice Li recently graduated from the University of Toronto as the Valedictorian and went on to complete her graduate studies in Professional Accounting at the Rotman School of Management. She is the reigning Miss Ontario World 2018 and Ontario's representative at Miss World Canada, the official preliminary to Miss World. She currently works in assurance at PwC, the world's largest accounting firm.

During University, Alice successfully co-founded uMentioned, an innovative social media platform aimed at solving mental health issues at Canadian universities. This volunteer-based initiative provided students with a safe and confidential space (IOS/Android) to develop new friendships. It reinvented the boundaries of online communication for millennials, reaching eight million unique hits within the first month of launch.

Last year, combining her interest in charity and entrepreneurship, Alice founded a nonprofit jewelry line with 100% proceeds to charity. She named the store "The Modern Princess" to promote the theme that beauty is more than what meets the eye.

Alice believes that innovation is what drives a society forward. We need to always be thinking freely, thinking outside of the box and thinking about the future.

In her free time, Alice visits schools as a motivational speaker to encourage education beyond the curriculum. There are many important topics schools do not teach such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and time management. She hopes to inspire young minds to lead innovation for the next generation. In 2017 alone, her engagements have reached over 700 students.

Alice is a young role model who demonstrates that it is possible to pursue your passions without giving up your professional career. She is redefining what it means to be a millennial. An innovator at heart.