Ally Cai

Award Nomination:

Arts and Culture


NAA Nstitute of Arts






I majored in finance and have worked as a Bank executive in China for over 30 years. I came to Toronto in 2020 and with continuous efforts, I was admitted to Canada Life and obtained both insurance and investment licenses. I am serving as the auditor of the Teochew Association in Toronto. This January I was elected and appointed as the Dean of the Art Research Institute of the Canadian Artists Association. I am a practitioner from China.

I have been deeply affected and inspired by the doctrines of Confucius and Mencius since childhood. Now I am integrated into the culture of Canada. I am well aware that material poverty can destroy a lifetime's dignity while spiritual poverty can exhaust several lifetimes of reincarnation. Since 2001, I have continuously donated to help poor children recieve and education. This past April, I made a special trip to Tibet to visit the children whom I had helped for the past six years.

Recently I have been busy helping with the worldwide painting exhibition called "Boundless Love, Art Without Borders". Through the exhibition, we will introduce and promote Oriental and Western paintings, as well as artistic skills & techniques to art enthusiasts.