Alyssa Rubino

Award Nomination:



Girl Wonder Inc


Lead Actress/ Singer




Alyssa Rubino is a 19 year old recording artist whose passion for music began in her early years at the age of 5. Alyssa has had the pleasure of pursing big projects over the years with dedication and exceptional work ethic. From being the youngest female artist to appear on Billboard Magazine, to walking the red carpet at the Grammy and Juno awards, Alyssa has made a name for herself within the music industry. Alyssa’s first single “Keep on Dancing” released in February 2011 and peaked at number 6 of the Billboard charts. The recognition for Alyssa’s talents were displayed with extensive press coverage in major magazines and newspapers with the central theme being her big voice and humble, down to earth personality. Alyssa dedicates a lot of her time taking part in her Sticks and Stones bullying campaign, where she attends various schools and speaks to children about how to stop and cope with bullying. Also lending a hand to the Make a Wish Foundation and Walk of Miracles. Not only has Alyssa excelled musically, but academically as well, as she is currently pursing a Psychology BA in University and has hopes of one day attending Law School. Alyssa is now going to be playing the lead role of a children’s animation series “Girl Wonder”, where she will use her musical experience and talents to inspire young adolescents to believe and follow their dreams as she did.