Anandhi Narayanan

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business




Founder and Leader




Anandhi Narayanan is the founder and leader of ZerotoStartup, a new program designed to give young people the courage, confidence and skills to take risk, embrace innovation, defy the status quo and create their own future. She is a free radical and positively charged!

Prior to this venture, Anandhi was a senior manager for Celestica’s Advanced Customer Solutions. In this role Anandhi was responsible for the development of analytics based solutions to serve supply chain services. In this role she defined the product requirements alongside the business experts and data scientists, with the objective of directing and defining the roadmap for product development. She was responsible for developing the messaging and marketing collateral in support of the products delivered.

In her 12 years at Celestica, Anandhi has led and designed solutions for corporate and customer management systems, including company-wide dashboards. She performed point analytics to solve specific business challenges in inventory, returns prevention, and market trends. She has extensive experience in enabling collaboration, driving quality and cost initiatives as a supplier manager, as well as driving change through lean and six sigma practices. Anandhi holds a Bachelor and a Master’s of Applied Sciences from the University of Toronto. She holds a certificate as a Six Sigma Blackbelt.