Aseel Elbaba

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Holistic Optimal Wealth


Toronto's First Financial Therapist




Aseel El-Baba is Toronto's first financial therapist, blending a decade of expertise in the Canadian financial sector with profound insights from psychotherapy to pioneer transformative financial wellness. After managing a $100M portfolio on Bay Street and helping clients navigate crucial financial decisions, Aseel observed a critical gap in addressing the emotional, psychological, and relational aspects intertwined with financial health. This realization spurred her to pursue psychotherapy, specializing in financial therapy to holistically address her clients' needs.

Aseel's innovative approach transcends traditional financial planning, focusing on healing financial traumas and fostering healthier financial relationships. Her work is dedicated to exploring and improving people's relationships with money through workshops like "Date Your Money," and her involvement in initiatives such as the "Money Monsters" program, which helps individuals understand their financial behaviors through creative and engaging means.

A recognized leader in her field, Aseel is a member of the Financial Therapy Association and the Canadian Association Of Psychodynamic Therapy. Her unique blend of finance and psychology has made her a sought-after speaker and advocate for holistic wealth, empowering individuals to transform their financial narratives and achieve emotional financial well-being.