Bren Anne

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Bren Anne PR and Marketing


Publicist /PR Marketing Director




Bren Anne began her professional life as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). She filled that caregiver role for 15 years before putting her talent in communication to use as VP for the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association. In her time representing the OPSWA, she was a member of LHIN, and also took on management, educator, and public relations roles as Communications Liaison and Board Chair. Her responsibilities included fundraising, facilitating on curriculum,working on policy and best practices for Healthcare Initiatives

Bren Anne was instrumental in collaborating with Stakeholders about PSW roles in the workplace.

These days, Bren Anne maintains an extensive collection of corporate connections and is skilled in obtaining sponsorship’s, memberships, whether it is a health care initiative or event planning. She spends her time writing blogs and articles for healthcare websites , mentoring new grads, collaborating on healthcare or mental health initiatives internationally.

She also works as a public relations expert, a publicist and promoter, with a specialty niche working with musicians (music is a passion of hers!) As well as working with entertainment companies to place musicians in venues and festivals, she is also a creative – a songwriter and lyricist currently in collab with a indie female singer songwriter.