Brittany Ennis

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business








Brittany Ennis, is a 21 year old entrepreneur and inspiration for young girls! Since Brittany was young, it’s always been a vision of hers to work for herself and follow the path of entrepreneurship. Starting and running her own businesses, that would operate within the same value system that she lives her life. Integrity, dedication, discipline and passion, has always been at the fore-front of her vision, which have propelled her to becoming a business owner at the age of 19. Flourish Visuals, her photography and visual arts company, was established in 2018. Brittany's clothing company, Flourish Clothing, will be coming to fruition in the near future as well. In addition to her business ventures, she has played an integral role in the planning, managing, and day-to-day operations of numerous sporting events. Working alongside prestigious brands such as Nike and BioSteel, she collaborated to create an amazing experience for everybody involved. In accordance with her passion for being a servant leader, entrepreneur, business owner and event planner, it is her belief that she has set the foundation for how she plans to operate and navigate any business endeavours in the future.