Dejauna Leblanc

Award Nomination:



Mrs Canada inc

Position: Canada|Ms. East ontario| Ms. Giving




Dejauna Leblanc is an extraordinary force for change, breaking barriers as the first Indigenous and Black woman to hold the prestigious title of Ms. Earth Canada. Embodying resilience and determination, she stands as a beacon of representation and advocacy. Her journey transcends beauty to champion youth empowerment, mental health, diversity, inclusion, social welfare, social environmental issues, and environmental sustainability.

As a member of the Indigenous Advisory Council and a dedicated volunteer with the Weaving Threads program for Kids Help Phone, Dejauna’s advocacy extends far and wide. Recognized for her contributions, she has been nominated for prestigious awards like Women of Inspiration and Women of Empowerment. Her workshops, which intertwine Indigenous teachings and art, offer invaluable insights on protecting Mother Earth, fostering self-expression and cultural appreciation.

Dejauna's multifaceted talent shines as a runway coordinator and published model, drawing attention to her inner strength and conviction. Balancing her roles, she gracefully fulfills her duties as a mother of four, three being premature, while pursuing her educational aspirations. She is also the creator of Beautiful Mixed Creatures, a platform that empowers mixed individuals to embrace their identities in an environment of safety, inclusion, and support.

Dejauna epitomizes the essence of a modern Renaissance woman, excelling in various domains while steadfastly empowering and uniting communities. Through her actions and words, she reminds us of our shared responsibility to nurture and protect our world, leaving an indelible mark as a true agent of empowerment and connection.