Donna Child

Award Nomination:

Arts and Culture


Artworld Fine Art


Gallery Director/Owner




Donna Child was born and raised in Toronto and has held a lifelong interest and love for the Arts.

After a 10-year career in the design and merchandising sector of the Fashion Industry, she took her business skills and her eye for artistic talent and matched them with her deep seated interest in fine art and her aspiration to provide mid-career artists with a venue to exhibit and established Artworld Fine Art Gallery in 1995.

Artworld Fine Art Gallery is recognized as one of the top galleries in West Toronto. Currently representing 30 Canadian painters, sculptors and photographers, she has put together a diverse selection of original artwork ranging from the Estate artwork of Toller Cranston to the contemporary narrative black and white oil paintings of internationally acclaimed Charles Malinsky. Donna is also recognized across the GTA as an expert in conservation custom framing and fine art installation.

In 2015 Donna established the Toronto West Arts Collaborative a not-for profit arts organization devoted to providing information, training, networking and marketing opportunities to emerging artists. Members are given the opportunity to attend stimulating exhibits, informative lectures, experience building workshops.

The success of Artworld Fine Art Gallery and the Toronto West Arts Collaborative recently earned her a seat on the Canadian National Exhibition Association – representing the art community in Canada.