Dr. Ayesha Al

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7 Heaven Therapies Inc Canada


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Dr.Ayesha Ali is renowned Metaphysician, Parapsychologist, and Spiritual Healer as well as Business entrepreneur. She is MD and founder of 7 Heaven Therapies Inc.

Ayesha is a pioneer in the field of Spiritual healing and has gained top level experiences in this field. She has healed countless individuals in GTA areas over 4000 Clients file she has been successfully treated. She is

leading expert in PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Insomnia, Psychotic Disorder, Neurotic Disorder, Past Life Regression, Phobia Disorder, Rape/Assault trauma, Substance Abuse, as well as Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Illness, Issues, and problems. She is a creator of LTTCP (Life Transformation Transcendental Channelling Process Therapy and Certification Course.

She is the Author of her upcoming book LTTCP Therapy Course.

She practices and offers Treatment sessions, Certification Classes, workshops and trainings at her 7 Heaven Therapies Clinic located in Mississauga, Ontario.

With an MBA Degree in Marketing, she still has time to manage the affairs of her second company Reddax Business Group, as a President and providing Best Business Consultancy Services to 0 to

Million $ Business.

She is Organizer and President of non- profit Organization “CBC Healing together”, working with the mental physical emotional health on Federal basis across Canada and Glob. Their mission is to conduct Seminars and Spread

Mental Health awareness and knowledge. She successfully has organized the seminars across GTA Canada “HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUTSIDE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH DR. AYESHA ALI”. She is an Produce and director of her upcoming documentary movie “Heal From The Inside Out, With Dr. Ayesha”

Ayesha has Research Articles and a Book under review for publication. She is a Member of the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM), a Member of the Alumni Association. Volunteers as an organizer for the GTA Largest Therapy Group. She is a member of Mississauga Art Counsel. Member of Rotary Club Mississauga. She is also working with the Coordinator of Peel Police Mississauga in terms of Domestic Violence, Women Abuse and Trauma. She is also Executive member and advisor in different Political Campaign and Committees. She is an entitle “HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVISTS” Across


Dr. Ayesha Ali

M.cD -M.MSc- B.BSc- Cht -MBA- Minister- Reiki Master

MD/ Founder: 7Heaven Therapies Inc Canada

Creator of LTTCP Therapy and Certification Course

President: CBC Healing Together (Non-profit Organization)

President: Reddax Business Group Inc Canada