Dr. Doaa Mohsen

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


Municipal Government- City of Toronto


Project Manager




Dr. Doaa Mohsen (PhD,MBA,BSc) A Municipal government Project Manager (City of Toronto), An Academic Professor of Business Management in multiple Canadian Universities, A Certified Senior Business Management Consultant and a Multicultural Ambassador (Philanthropy) for Canada World Vision organization. Award Winner of International Women's Day excellence in civic engagement (2017). Founder of ZSMART business incubator and DO-Consult business services consulting firm.A passionate visionary leader with 27 years of public service experience in Canada's provincial and municipal government. As a board member for multiple Toronto and Ontario Public Service forums, Dr. Mohsen believes in civic engagement and advocates building a modern better City for Torontonians. Her civic engagement contributions include: change management, customer service excellence and business transformation initiatives.