Dr. Rosetta Qadhi

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


Mirror Mirror Organization / Think & Grow Rich Caribbean






Dr. Rosetta Qadhi is a paradigm of resilience and innovation, embodying the essence of a self-made leader whose life's work transcends the boundaries of entrepreneurship, mental health, and philanthropy. With a storied career that spans roles as the CEO of Think Grow Rich Caribbean, Finance Controller of Q Solutions Company, and a vanguard in clinical psycho-hypnotherapy, Rosetta's journey is a testament to the transformative power of vision, determination, and altruism.

Rosetta's foundational belief in the mind's ability to manifest reality has shaped her personal trajectory and been the cornerstone of her professional ethos. As a Life-Redesigned Mindset Coach, Clinical Psycho-Hypnotherapeutic Counselor, Integrative Medicine and Nutrition Practitioner for PTSD and Complex Trauma, NLP Master Practitioner, and Brainspotting Consultant, she has pioneered techniques that leverage the subconscious to foster profound change. Her innovative approach combines hypnotherapy, brainspotting, and neuro-linguistic programming, facilitating breakthroughs in mental health and personal development for her community and clients worldwide.

Under Rosetta's leadership, the Think Grow Rich Caribbean Institute and the Mirror Mirror Women's Organization have flourished, embodying her commitment to empowering individuals and communities. Through strategic philanthropy and dynamic programs like the Mirror Mirror Transformational Thinking Masterclass, she has championed the cause of women's empowerment, mental health awareness, and educational advancement, making significant strides in breaking cycles of abuse and trauma.

A prolific author and inspirational speaker, Rosetta's narrative is one of overcoming adversity through strength, determination, and an unwavering belief in the potential for growth. Her work in developing Life Transforming programs and her philanthropic efforts, including the establishment of a scholarship foundation, reflects a deep-seated dedication to fostering success and resilience in others.

Rosetta's academic achievements, including a PhD in Clinical Psyco-Hypnotherapy from Mana University, multiple Diplomas in counselling, and various certifications in stress management, underscore her expertise and commitment to her field. Her role as a Philanthropy Director and her visionary leadership in the nonprofit sector demonstrates a broad-reaching impact, characterized by a 60% increase in annual donations under her stewardship and the expansion of mental health and coaching initiatives.

A beacon of kindness, strength, and innovation, Dr. Rosetta Qadhi continues to inspire and empower, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many and the fields of philanthropy, entrepreneurship, mental health, and personal development. Her journey is a compelling narrative of transformation, embodying the power of a visionary leader to enact positive change in the world.