Elizabeth Spano

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Elizabeth Spano


Pianist composer




Classical Piano Visionary Composer & Artist Elizabeth Spano transforms classical music into a new sound of elegance and deep tones of 'modern' classical music along with the influences of latter-day composers such as her main influences Beethoven and Bach. Recognized as a child prodigy, Elizabeth attended the Glenn Gould Professional School of Music at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music. An alumna of York University she excelled to a level equal to that of today's modern-day composers. Her piano repertoire showcases a cascade of compositions that deliver a plethora of subtle key delicacies from the softest feminine touch to that of the dynamic roar of key precision exceeding the limits of today's male piano counterparts. She is Canada's brightest emerging female classical pianist composer who has performed at Toronto's Steinway Galleries, the historic Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, and recorded live at the Glenn Gould Studio while embarking on the release of her classical music library under the umbrella of C-Note Productions Inc.'s "Piano Rebel Project" and showcased in the Sharon Stone Produced film by Emmanuel Itier "FEMME Women Healing The World".