Elvira V. Hopper

Award Nomination:

Outstanding Innovator


The Love Your Vibe Transformation


Chief Miracle Magnet




"My Life Message is about getting real with ourselves and choosing to leave behind any successful looking, yet impostor life. I want all of us to live an authentic truth and witness how the miracles of our heart’s deepest desires happen when we do.

We can even defy historical low vibration mindsets and fates.

Personally, I had to play small, respectable, responsible and safe, when I was an 11 year old who was shut down after I shared my desire to pursue a career in the performing arts, that I was SO passionate about. My father shut me down as he suffered as an unrealized artist & wanted MORE for his only daughter.

So, I chose my two ROCKSTAR yet impostor healthcare careers (lab technologist & pharmaceutical rep) spanning 27 years, to appease my father and to look successful to the world.

I needed outside approval (parents, society)…constantly…like I needed oxygen, as I lived out of alignment and I did not love or approve of myself deep down.

I won many awards & finished off those careers making 6 figures…yet I also suffered a ‘blessed’ mental breakdown, sparked by adult bullying, which was my wake up call that ‘the jig was up’ and I had to get out to become my AUTHENTIC SELF.

I firmly believe that it’s never too late to wake up to whatever dreams lie in you…as they never fully go away and CAN be activated even later in life."