Beverley D. Burdeyney

Award Nomination:

Health, Fitness and Sport




Fitness Coach and Personal Exercise Coach, Fitness Writer and Lecturer, Community Volunteer and Fundraiser. Now, a Balloonologist...




My program cannot be beat. I am a product of my teachings and discipline. I have been a vegetarian/vegan for over 55+years. “Life is a Challenge but Life is a gift”. Enjoy the moment.

Balloonology is a unique balanced series of simple and effective exercises using balloons for physical fitness, body rehabilitation, mindfulness and relaxation. Any individual, young or old, can benefit by doing any one of the appropriate programs, or any combination.

I credit my Life Style Program for still being active and staying healthy at 79. I do not believe in “quick” fixes…….just a long term common sense approach to achieving and maintaining good health. PREVENTION is the key word.

My program addresses the 3 stages of life….”The “Go-Go” stage (youth) when done correctly retards the “Slow -Go” stage which keeps in abeyance the “No-Go stage.

A balanced life requires practicing good nutrition, performing a sensible exercise program daily, include walking or swimming, just move and move more…Rest, Relaxation and include Relationships (social, however, defined) and cultivate a sense of purpose gratitude and joy. Gratitude reinforces…….”power, peace and purpose”.

Join me in my in my journey of health. Exercise is medicine and In health, there is Freedom.