Francoise Sarah Blanchard

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Second Chance to Love


Founder and owner




Francoise Blanchard is the founder and owner of Second Chance To Love, a business that specializes in refurbishing and reselling pre-owned Chanel handbags. With five years of experience, she has developed a successful formula for making luxury affordable. Francoise sources high-quality, authentic Chanel pieces from Japan, ensuring competitive pricing. She then expertly restores them at Love Your Centre and use Inaza diamonds for any necessary jewelry repairs. Additionally, she authenticates the items through the reputable Legit Grails website and provides a certificate of authenticity. The restored handbags are sold through consignment stores, allowing Francoise to repeat the process. As a testament to her dedication, she has amassed a personal collection of 16 authentic Chanel handbags, many Chanel watches and pieces of Chanel jewelry. However, she finds it challenging to resist the temptation to keep each restored piece for herself.