Susel Munoz Plasencia

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


Hispanic Mothers with Autistic and ADHD Children Ontario .






Susel Munoz is not only a Social Service Worker, a Sociology Undergraduate Student from York University and a Special Needs Advocate; she is also the proud mother of four children in the Autism Spectrum. In addition, she has become a strong voice for the Latin Community in the World of Special Needs ( Autism/ADHD) and Education. On 2012, Susel Munoz created Hispanic Mothers with Autistic and ADHD Children Facebook Resource Page; to discuss the multiple challenges that parents like her faced while raising children with Autism and ADHD. Today, she has commenced the process of launching a Non-for Profit Organization that will provide parents with resources, training, and support to become their children # 1 Advocates. Her focus is the Latin Community; although she welcomes all parents across the Province of Ontario. Susel Munoz has identified some of the various needs affecting Latinas Moms raising children in the Autism Spectrum ( lack of support, isolation, mental health she recognizes that the current legislation on place failed to represent the needs of minority groups such parents and children from the Hispanic Community.