Sutha Shanmugarajah

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


Health Care


Clinical Research Coordinator




Sutha Shanmugarajah graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. Currently, she works as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Psoriatic Arthritis Program at the Toronto Western Hospital. She also holds a casual part-time at Sick Kids and Mount Sinai Hospital. She has a deep love of reading books with inspirational and motivational themes, as well as having a spiritual lifestyle. Sutha spends her free time volunteering and assisting people in need. She is dedicated to charity work and derives satisfaction from the happiness of those that she helps. Every year, Sutha takes part in different activities that bring meaning to her life. In the past, she has done the United Way CN Tower Stair Climb, completed the 60km walk for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, ran a half marathon to raise funds for arthritis, took part in multiple 5km/10km walks to raise funds for different charities, coordinated many bake sales to raise money for arthritis program, has coordinated food drives, and has helped prepare meals for the homeless in different shelters. In addition, she has spearheaded a children’s book drive and clothing drive that was devoted to impoverished families overseas. She is also involved in working with church groups and other charities in Sri Lanka to provide cloth for the needy and get sponsors to support providing food for the needy. She takes on volunteer activities where there is a need for help. One of her meaningful volunteering opportunities was for the Invictus Games. She has also been modeling for the past two years and had been published many times in local and international magazines. She has been on the cover of an international magazine twice, as well as has been interviewed by many media related to her volunteering activities. She has also co-authored three books. She lives a simple life always wanting to help others if she can. Her area of interest is to help the most vulnerable children, women, the elderly, and the public.