Forough( Bahar) Jaberianmarkaz

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


The Water Bar






Mother of 2 successful daughter, who is immigrant from Iran to Canada in 2008, divorce 3 years ago after being married for 24 years. I was not allowed (by my ex- husband) to work. after I had a chance to work .I studied Bookkeeping and Business when I was in Halifax. I was allowed to educate in that course because, it was a course for women’s only, and when we moved to Ontario I was not allowed to continue. I tried to learn many things from the sites and helped new comers from Iran and Syria, until he bought The Ups Store and I worked there as manager, first job in life with lots of Success, when I got divorced, I moved to Brantford alone far from all my family and friends to buy The water bar, it’s hard to work in a new field alone in the place that you don’t know anyone but after 11 months many people knowing me and they called me the water lady. I am trying my best to be a role model for my daughters, I want to show them how successful you can be no matter what situation you have in your life.