Georgina Swan

Award Nomination:

Film & Television and Digital Arts


Multi Digital Industries





Australian born and bred, Georgina has a passion for all things media production and creative content.

Born into the world of Television production, Georgina grew through the ranks within her families Media Production company from a young age, increasing her skill set along way. She then worked her way through University as a model and TV presenter, then graduating with a duel degree in Journalism and Digital Media.

Georgina pursued her passion for journalism working for 7NEWS in Brisbane, Australia. It wasn’t long until she traded the newsroom for the race track, where she was the PR & Media Manager for Red Bull Racing Australia.

Throughout the years, Georgina continued to relate all her experiences back to Television Producing, finding particular strengths in content creation and talent management. She continued a strong relationship back to her model agency, in which she then spent several months there as a Talent Agent before her move to Canada.

Once settled in Canada, Georgina became the Senior Account Manager and General Manager for an award winning North-America wide event staffing and experiential marketing agency.

Fast forward to present day and Georgina runs her own Media Production Company - Multi Digital Industries, that operates across Canada and Australia. The company specialises in digital content production, providing a plethora or services to her clients with a real hands on approach. She has also joined forces with GTA Virtual Agent Rosewood as an Account Manager, servicing grass roots businesses and start up companies.

Although Canada is not her homeland, Georgina hopes to gain permanent residency to continue to work with and support Canadian businesses in the world of digital content and media production.