Ida Campana

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Music Enhanced Education


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Ida Campana was born and raised in Toronto. She began piano lessons at age 7 and studied extensively with The Royal Conservatory of Music, as a child and again as an adult. She owns and operates The Conservatory of Music Enhanced Education in Mississauga since 1997. Ida has been featured on the mentor series "Spill Your Guts," on Global TV and has written compositions for students entering competitions as well as charitable organizations. Believing that music is a language that everyone can learn, Ida is the author of 'Piano Exam Preparation' series and a children's picture book series, 'Yes I Can Play The Piano, I Can Count to 7.' In addition to teaching hundreds of children and young adults, Ida has had careers in consumer products and politics and is the mother of four children.

Ida believes in the old proverb 'Kids who study music don't go bad.' Her newest children book series has reader and listener alike learning something about the musical language.