Jenny Kim

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


Canada: a mindful and Kind Nation


Director officer




JENNY Kim is one of the most active volunteer putting high numerous of time to part of bringing spiritual mindfulness meditation to high school students, police officers, paramedics, medical students, youths and children share good teaching to the multicultural Canadian societies helping citizens improve mental health.

Making Canada a More Mindful and Kind Nation

With the Urban Buddhist Monk

To bring awareness of good values in people

To promote physical and mental fitness and mental health

To promote a way of life based on tolerance, concord and kindness

To promote good will and harmony in action, speech and thought

To make Canada the happiest, healthiest, kindest and the most peaceful nation through mindful meditation

To lead by example, as a Mindful Nation, and collaborate with other nations to shape a more Mindful World.

Jenny Kim also one of the Advisory board members of GIDSS and members of CPACT

Jenny also proud to be active volunteers and assistance for the urban Buddhist monk, one of the Steering Committees for the Parliament of the world religions, the biggest conference in Toronto from November 1-7 at the Metro Convention Center. She also the members of interfaith groups in Toronto area and proudly join board of directors meeting in the regular basis on the topic Poverty reductions with the City of Toronto.