Jessie Brar

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


The Mental Health Spotlight






Jessie Brar is an active public speaker and mental health advocate. Jessie grew up in an environment riddled with abuse and stress. Though her mother eventually took her out of the toxic situation, her mind still suffered. Jessie was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and also struggled with an eating disorder. After struggling with her own mental illnesses for many years, Jessie decided to use her experience to help raise awareness about mental health and mental illness in the community around her. She is a passionate individual who has partnered with organizations such as Saks Fifth Avenue, CAMH, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Punjabi Community Health Services and many more to share her story and speak up. Jessie also heads The Mental Health Spotlight, an organization dedicated to erasing the stigma around mental health in South Asian communities through digital story-telling and sharing resources. Jessie can now be found writing mental health awareness articles for Brown Girl Magazine or working on bringing mental health talks to youth across Canada in the head office.