Jill Bunny

Award Nomination:

Health, Fitness and Sport


Fit Bunnies Fitness Inc.


CEO & Founder




Jill Bunny is the owner of Fit Bunnies Fitness, functional nutritionist, elite trainer, life coach and speaker advocating total body health to women around the globe, from my home in Canada. Since a very young age, she was fascinated by the human body. In high-school, she knew she was going to be a fitness trainer and nutritionist… but little did she know, there would be a lot more to the story!

Her road to understanding health and fitness on a deeper level, began with her own health crisis. At the age of 30, she went from being the highest ranked IFBB bikini competitor in the world and internationally renowned cover model to an MS and Cancer fighter.

She was determined to understand the mechanisms that fed cancer growth and thyroid disease. She wanted to understand how and why the body reacts as it does, and to figure out how to unlock the healing potential using her expertise in nutrition, training and life coaching. Jill knew by understanding the body at this complexity, would mean she could win my own health battle, walk around with a body she was proud of, and help hundreds of other women!

Jill's journey to understanding food and nutrition started in 2004 through courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition. After graduating with BRSS honors at UNB, she proceeded to gain qualifications in Personal Training & Group Training at C&G London (UK). After returning to Canada, she went back to school in Toronto, and earned the designation of Certified Neuroscience Life Coach. To date, Jill is currently finishing my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (MSN), to be accredited as one of the top Functional Medicine Nutrition/Training Practitioners in Canada. (IFM- FMP)

Her journey through MS, cancer and hypothyroidism, has taught her that we are all unique when it comes to our health and optimal nutrition/training. Looking at the whole person is the key to healing at Fit Bunnies Fitness.

When Jill is not working with clients, you’ll find her training in the gym, teaching seminars, reading with a glass of wine, or creating new workout programs to enhance the female physique.