Karla Gillis

Award Nomination:

Health, Fitness and Sport


KG Lifestyle Mindset Coach & Body Artist


CEO Founder




My name is karla Gillis

Through my own past struggles I found my strength & I promised myself I would dedicate the rest of my life to helping others to Explore the depths of their physical and mental being, sewn together with a goal to optimize, expand, and raise the energetic frequency of their life experience!

I went from a drug addict to an inspired leader coaching thousands of people across the world to change their life through my MSB method, I created; using mindset, movement & nutrition; with programs designed to allow my clients to go from 0 to hero, from unmotivated & uninspired, to living a life of vitality, thriving & inspiring everyone around them which raises the vibration of the collective to help influence others to live their best life too.

I am the Health & Wellness Editor at HOLR Magazine & the CEO & Creator of KG Lifestyle; Mind, Body, Soul transformation coaching.

I inspire & help people to level up & become their greatest self; educating & giving them all the tools to become their own inspiration; achieve optimal health & vitality; in mind, body & Spirit.!

I believe everyone has the ability to live their greatest life, & feel incredibly amazing. I help my clients to acquire the desire, develop the discipline, & give them all the tools needed to make lasting change, that becomes their incredible new life.

I am a lover of life! Full of vitality & live everyday as if it were my last; greatful! Happiness & health are my vibes, I look at life as a beautiful adventure & I choose to create the best possible life for myself.

My passion & purpose is to help others achieve that too, though movement; of the mind, body & spirt!!

It’s through movement & creative expression that we can truly find our greatest self.