Kat Ostroumova

Award Nomination:

Health, Fitness and Sport


Kat International Fitness


Owner and CEO




Having suffered from hypothyroidism for

over 10 years and weighing 183lbs at her

heaviest, Kat decided to take control of her

life by prioritizing her health and wellbeing.

After losing over 40lbs, Kat went on to

compete at the WBFF (World’s Beauty

Fitness Fashion) show, where she earned

multiple top three finishes in multiple categories.

Currently, Kat operates a successful online coaching business – Kat International Fitness that helps

thousands of women worldwide feel empowered, gain confidence, and meet their health and

fitness goals through custom programs done on the Kat Intl Fitness APP, mindset coaching, and a

line of pro-grade resistance bands.