Khatira Gayrat

Award Nomination:

Fashion and Style


KH Luxury Boutique






Khatera Ghairat was Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, she graduated with a Master's degree from Stepan at the Faculty of Journalism in Moscow, Russia, at the “Moscow State University”. after graduating from Moscow, she became creator and editor-in-chief of the popular “Mehr” magazine. and also was a reporter for the Afghan “Arezu” television, then began working in the field of fashion and beauty and published in a magazine and also prepared a TV reportages and shows about of fashion , style and trends for women’s , about how to dress correctly and fashionably and being in lasts trends. She’s married and have a 3 kids

in 2016 she came to Toronto, Canada and in 2021 she launched her personal clothing brand KH luxury …. within a year of opening her fashion boutique and clothing brand has become one of the most famous and popular clothing brands and designers in Toronto, Canada., her outstanding and unique outfits are worn by many famous stars and celebrities and she has achieved huge success in the fashion industry in Canada.