Kristy Hamarakis

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Mopped Up Cleaning






Kristy has been happily married for 17 years and is the dedicated mother of 3 amazing kids aged 22, 15 and 8.

She is co-founder of Mopped Up Cleaning- a residential cleaning company based out of East end Toronto.

Kristy was raised by a single mom with her brother and although always had the necessities things were never easy for her family at one point even spending years in foster care with her brother. When returning home Kristy fell into the wrong crowd and began skipping school and even getting arrested a few times and finally at the young age of 16 she found herself pregnant and forced to live on her own.

While the next few years were some of the hardest of her life, she has never been one to let her circumstances dictate what her life would be and defied the odds of the stereotypical teenage parent by completing her education and working hard to provide the best life for her young son. Although she was completely content with being a single mom when she least excepted she met her soul mate Constantine and had two more children together.

Graduating from school, Kristy entered into the corporate world, however over time, found herself stuck in a career and looking for a boost of motivation.

When Kristy and her family suddenly were dealing with her eldest son’s serious health issues she had to resign from her corporate job. Dealing with the stress of her son and now being unemployed, she was asked by a friend if she wanted to clean some houses for extra cash. Never having done it before she jumped at the opportunity and soon realized she had a huge passion for cleaning and organizing resulting in the evolution and the beginning of Mopped Up Cleaning. With only $40.00 in their pockets and using their own cleaning products from their kitchens Mopped Up Cleaning was born. The company started with only Kristy and her partner, Kelly and now has over 15 employees. Kristy’s humble upbringing has always made community work important to her and she has made it a priority to find ways to give back, whether it be working with her church, cleaning for cancer patients and employing single mothers, persons with disabilities and seniors.

Kristy is beyond grateful for the success of Mopped Up Cleaning however it like everything has had its challenges but she would not change a thing. Dreams are all about not giving up on oneself. When dreams shatter, it is time to make new dreams and start moving again. There’s no denying that new ventures will be the most challenging and, at times, the most soul-crushing journey that you will ever take but the rewards can be great. It is all yours for the taking!