Laura Makaltses

Award Nomination:

Arts and Culture


Fashion Forward & Borderless World English


Founder, Director and Educator




Laura Makaltses is a visionary entrepreneur who seamlessly transitioned from a successful career as a fashion model to a pioneering force in the industry. Her background in arts and fashion has uniquely equipped her to lead transformative initiatives aimed at promoting diversity within the exclusive world of fashion. At the heart of her mission are innovative fashion events designed to break barriers and empower underrepresented voices.

Alongside her fashion endeavors, Laura is also an innovative educator who creatively uses digital art to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to children worldwide. Through her integrated program, she not only facilitates language learning but also provides a supportive environment for children with neurodiversity, enabling them to thrive and express themselves through art and creativity.

What sets Laura apart is her multifaceted approach. Not only does she curate events to foster inclusivity, but she also provides a vital platform for photographers to showcase their talents and expand their skills. With a degree in photography herself, Laura brings both expertise and passion to her role as a mentor, guiding aspiring photographers towards artistic excellence. Central to Laura's strategy is the integration of technology and social media, which she leverages to amplify her community's impact and spread her message of arts and empowerment far and wide. By intertwining her passion for fashion arts with her commitment to education, Laura Makaltses embodies a holistic approach to empowerment, demonstrating the profound impact of using art as a tool for inclusive and empowering education worldwide.