Lena Guirguis

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Stilettos & Hammers






Lena’s goal was to pursue a career where she could not only live and breathe her true purpose, but to control her financial destiny. Her determination to thrive allowed her to quickly accelerate into the world of real estate. In January 2003, she met a budding entrepreneur whom she partnered with and together, by the end of that same year, they began their real estate investment business of purchasing distressed properties in Ontario to buy, fix, and hold. By the age of 25 Lena had amassed a multi-million-dollar investment portfolio and was running one of Ottawa’s premier asset management firms.

It was during the early years of her business that she observed a major gap in the support and financial education provided to women. So in 2013 she founded Stilettos & Hammers™, a growing investment network focused on educating women, providing them with resources necessary to help them take control of their finances.

Lena lives by the philosophy: “It doesn’t matter where you come from; it’s where you decide you want to go.” She understands what it is like to work hard for what you have. Her business answers her calling to provide women and their families with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in whatever they embark on, while ensure that their futures are secure so that they can live the lives the desire.