Leslie Ann Coles

Award Nomination:

Film & Television and Digital Arts


LA Coles Fine Art Films & The Female Eye Film Festival


Film-maker/ Founder & Executive Director, Female Eye Film Festival




Leslie Ann Coles is a filmmaker/ actor and the Founder & Executive Director of The Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) established in 2001. Following a successful run in international film festivals her multiple award winning feature documentary "Melody Makers" releases in Canada, July 2019 with a companion Interactive iBook set for world wide release. "Melody Makers" captures the birth of music journalism during the zeitgeist of rock 'n' roll featuring Barrie Wentzell, Chief Contributing Photographer, Melody Maker magazine (1965-1975). Coles has two feature films in development and she's currently in pre production with her next film, "The Curtain", an ACTRA TIP short.

The Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) which celebrates its 17th edition Nov. 7-10 2019 was voted “Top Fifty Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” in 2019 by Movie Maker Magazine (L.A. CA). This marked FeFF's 7th consecutive year for this recognition. Through FeFF’s community outreach she recently completed a Creative Engagement Project, "My Life, My Community, My Ontario" a short documentary to help stop violence against Indigenous women. Under the auspices of the Female Eye, Leslie Ann has executive produced and mentor-directed 46 at risk youth on their debut short films, 26 films were directed by Indigenous girls, all premiered at the FeFF.

Leslie Ann is committed to producing films and cross platform projects that combine art, entertainment and social justice. Intimately familiar with the local and international film making community, her strength is her ability to creatively strategize projects and determine market potential during the development process, always with a critical understanding of a film’s milieu, be it social, cultural, or art-focused.