Lexie Ward

Award Nomination:

Health, Fitness and Sport




Head Coach & Co-Owner




Lexie Ward has embraced her passion for fitness, athletics, and leadership from childhood, and has nurtured that passion to propel her now seven-figure online fitness and nutrition coaching company LadyTheFUp into a huge success. It has become her goal in life to share the importance of fitness and health with women in Toronto and around the world. With the help of her strong team of coaches, LadyTheFUp helps over 500 women at any given time understand how to fuel their bodies in a successful and sustainable way that can be maintained for life – never needing to rely on another fad diet. The LadyTheFUp coaching approach prioritizes stress management, self confidence, and adopting a process-focussed mindset in order to aid the physical transformation – a true mind, body, and spirit approach to provide clients with a full lifestyle transformation that will last.

Prior to co-founding LadyTheFUp, Lexie graduated from Sheridan College’s Fitness Leadership program in 2013 with a 4.0 GPA and the Silver Medallist Award for academic achievement. Lexie worked in various leadership roles at a mental health speaking agency, a nutritional supplement company, and co-hosted a 70-episode nutrition podcast series with top PhD nutrition scientist, Dr. Robert Pastore, who treats some of the worlds best professional athletes. This career background allows Lexie to provide her LadyTheFUp clients with a unique educational approach to understand the “why” and “how” behind the individualized program each woman is given.

As for her personal endeavours, Lexie spent the first 20 years of her life as an elite competitive gymnast, retiring in 2016 as the Canadian Trampoline Gymnastics Champion. After retirement, her sights shifted to bodybuilding and fitness. She completed her first fitness competition in 2018, earned the status of World Beauty Fashion and Fitness (WBFF) Pro in 2019, won her first WBFF Pro show in 2020, and is planning to return to the Pro stage in 2023.

Lexie’s philosophy is always “progress over perfection.” With her own disordered eating past, Lexie is open and honest about the struggles of healing one’s relationship with food and the importance of identifying the underlying triggers that cause the behaviour. Her radical transparency of her own never-ending transformation process showcases the perseverance and determination required to be a professional fitness athlete, an emerging fitness model, and a business owner. Her own personal struggles help Lexie to understand her clients on a deeper level, and ultimately allow her to help her clients overcome personal obstacles, become more confident, discover their potential, and learn to love themselves through each stage of the transformation process.

Lexie is living proof that with hard work and dedication, realizing your dreams is both possible and achievable. Lexie continues to inspire the LadyTheFUp community and other women around the world to work hard toward achieving their own dreams.