Linda Pinizzotto

Award Nomination:

Outstanding Innovator


Condo Owners Association


CEO Founder




Linda Pinizzotto is an Outstanding Innovator.

Linda is the Founder and CEO of the Condo Owners Association (COA) a non Profit Association representing 1.7 Million Condo Owners in Ontario and establishing 26 City Divisions. She is a well known Realtor, Investor, Public Speaker and Host to CondoRadio featuring over 250 shows . Linda was Knighted as the Dame of the Order of St. George in 2014. She is involved with the Consumer Council of Canada Panel of professionals, the Homeowner Protection Office, The Fire Marshal Technical committee on Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Alarms and on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Service Condo Act Review. Linda has appeared on BNN, Steve Paikin, Metro Morning, CBC, Global News, City TV and a host of Speaking Events. As Former Vice President and Government Relations Chairperson for the Real Estate Boards, she is a long time member of the Real Estate Council of Ontario and presently a Director with the Mississauga Sports Council.