Lorin MacDonald

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


HearVue Inc.


Founder & Principal




Lorin MacDonald, a human rights lawyer and disability changemaker, has demonstrated leadership, passion, and commitment to accessibility and inclusion for over three decades, informed by her lived experience as a woman born with profound hearing loss. Recognized as one of Canada’s disability leaders and highly regarded by the human rights legal community, Lorin is unwavering in her desire to increase disability and accessibility awareness through her professional and volunteer work, which has considerable breadth: the arts, health care, legislation, post-secondary institutions, access to justice, community service, accessibility awareness, and human rights jurisprudence.

In 2019, Lorin founded HearVue Inc., a social enterprise that educates organizations on the value of communication inclusion through captioning and subtitles at large live events. HearVue’s first event was October 2019’s “A Conversation with Michelle Obama” in Canada, followed by a dozen successful events until COVID shut down gatherings. She then focused on virtual accessibility, disability awareness training, professional speaking, and consulting.

An in-demand Disability Awareness trainer, Lorin has educated diverse groups across Canada, such as the Canadian Human Rights Commission, law schools and firms, regulatory bodies, and the financial and business sectors. Her popular LinkedIn posts often go viral as she authentically shares her disability journey and creates awareness.

Recognition of Lorin’s pioneering and sustained work within the Canadian legal profession, the disability community, and women’s organizations is abundant: the Order of Ontario, the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame, and Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100.