Mahana Syed

Award Nomination:

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As the Founder and Director of GLOW Academy - College of Artistic Design, Mahana uses her passion for Business to empower others to take the leap towards Entrepreneurship.

In the Business of Education, as demanding and regulated as it is, Mahana is one of the few College owners across Canada to operate and manage multiple campus locations that are registered and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Mahana appreciates each Student that entrusts their future with her company and Staff. She is constantly working with Industry experts and Adult Education Assessors to ensure that all programs are developed with careful attention to exceed industry standards as well as to ensure the skill development of each student. In the recent years to date, Mahana and her College have extended over $100,000 of scholarships to Students allowing many of them to enroll and complete vocational and single skilled programs where it may not have been affordable otherwise.

Mahana has grown her Colleges to draw attention and partnerships with such Industry leading companies as CITY TV, MAC COSMETICS and Many National Show Directors to name a few.

While Beauty, Artistry and Fashion Design are all glamorous industries many are passionate about, Mahana's true passion is clearly Business. With well over a decade of being a successful Business owner in Canada, Mahana has taken her College globally with Affiliate Schools worldwide that have licensed and franchised her programs and brand.

Mahana believes the world is too small to not start a business with the world in mind.

As an Entrepreneur, Mahana believes in the power of attracting opportunities. She says YES to possibilities and NO to negative, something she is passionate about inspiring others to do. Mahana finds positive in everything and everyone. She believes in complaining less and changing more.

Although she is passionate about her Business, Students and Staff, Mahana loves being Mommy to her teen and toddler daughters. The age gap always comes up in conversation, the answer is simple, the middle child is her business, which happens to be thriving in Canada and beyond.

Mahana's message to all is to Live Your Best Life and Travel Lots.