Mara Cataldi

Award Nomination:

Arts and Culture




Director if Operations




She is currently the Director of Operations at the ICFF, the Italian Contemporary Film Festival, which is organized across seven Canadian cities and is considered the most important film festival dedicated to Italian cinema outside of Italy.

She is the organizational director of the cultural association L’Altra Italia, a non-profit company that has thousands of members throughout the province of Ontario. L’Altra Italia boasts a rich calendar of activities, which she organizes and promotes, including concerts, plays, photo exhibits, gastronomic evenings, conventions, etc.

She is the host and writer of the ‘Culture and Entertainment’ segment for the prime time TV show Ora Qui, which airs every Friday on OMNI TV.

She is the creative manager of “Call the shots: The Female Power Through Film,” an annual initiative in honour of women’s empowerment and equality.

Mara graduated from Rome’s Università degli Studi della Sapienza with a degree in Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Relations, with a thesis in Human factors and ergonomics centered on the interaction between the university and the workplace. She further specialized in Audiovisual Communication at the Università Pontificia in Salamanca, Spain. For two consecutive years, she won a scholarship for the Specialization Diploma in Leadership at the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, in Alberta. In 2014 she obtained the certification in “Leading Strategically” by learning and applying proven principles of strategic management and leadership. In 2015 she obtained the Certificate in “Building Personal Leadership,” centered on delivering results for one’s organization through more effective personal leadership.

Since 2011 she has been living in Toronto, where she cultivates her passion for visual arts, sailing, scuba diving, crossfit training, motorcycle racing and gourmet cuisine.