Marie-Eve Côté

Award Nomination:

Arts and Culture


Meve Media


Social Media Manager




From 1992 - 1995, Marie-Ève Côté took Jazz Dance Lesson at Académie de ballet Manon Chamberland in Vaudreuil and put on some end of the session shows in front of a vast crowd with her classmates. Each session with a different thematic: Year 1 (Toy Story) | Year 2 (Seasons) | Year 3 (Cheerleading).

In 1995, Marie-Ève took an in house course specializing in 2D - 3D Drawing in Vaudreuil. She learned to develop her drawing techniques and precisely trace human traits and objects to give it dimension by hand.

In 1997, she was signed up by her fourth grade teacher to do a children runway for Reitman Junior (Faubourg Pincourt Mall). Which was televised the following day.

Throughout her elementary school and high school studies, she continued to expand her knowledge in art by continuing art and excelling in every art form.

In 2000, Marie-Ève was enrolled in an all girls soccer team U13 for Vaudreuil-Dorion. Where she would cover most of the field from defense to offense. Her team was finalist and came in first place.

By 2004, Marie-Ève took Shotokan (Karatee) for the city of Ville Saint-Laurent and reached green belt. During the summer she took some Tennis courses as well. Marie-Ève studied at Vanier College Office System Technology specialization in Micropublishing and Hypermedia. In 2006, Marie-Ève Côté discovered her love for promotion and media through beneficially helping Karl Wolf and his management team (Pascal Malkoun & Pamela Ledoux) hand out flyers to promote him in Montreal.In 2010, Marie-Ève completed her College Diploma and worked in various companies specialized in product, label designing such as: Southern Graphics (2006), Laboratoire Delon (2006) and 36 PIX (2007). From there she was able to exercise her designing skills.

Since 2011, Marie-Ève started her own freelancing design company Meve Designs, through attending various events: fashion, music, comedy, festivals she was able to expand herself and network to make a living off of her designs.

At the same time, she came with the brilliant idea in creating an artistic blog and get artists to do miniature videos to promote their music.

Marie-Ève was also featured in a book in Utah, USA Jan 2012 with her poetry Dreaming Mountain Goat in Stars in Our Heart for the World Poetry Movement. Honing writing.

In 2015, Marie-Ève was an intern assistant to Nikki Clarke Show, where she gained experience in writing proposals,booking artists, design posters and see how it is to be on set of TV until 2016. She was also on the show in March.

Marie-Ève met SEO specialist Sikino. Teamed up to create EMS Solutions. To offer various marketing and branding solutions to various businesses.

Marie-Ève participated in various video shoots in 2017 for a french singer Genevieve Leclerc for her Christmas Song “Last Christmas”. In addition, she did background work for the movie Xmen Teen Spirit and a french TV Show “Genèse.” As well, extra for Flarsky featuring Seth Rogan & Charlize Theron.

Until this day, Marie-Ève continues to live her passion if painting and booking artists and someday would love to write a biography and continues writing to become published and known for being a hands on girl.

‘’Life is a school!’’ - ‘’You learn something new each day!’’ - ‘’Believe and you will achieve!’’ - “Persist and Resist!” are some of her favourite quotes from influencers she follows.