Mary Mammoliti

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Kitchen Confeasion






Mary Mammoliti—a culinary expert who is legally blind and knows her way around the kitchen! She is a speaker, disability advocate, TV and Podcast host, and the founder of Kitchen Confession, an online resource for easy, accessible and flavourful meals. Mary’s journey began when her eye condition - Retinitis Pigmentosa progressed and her eyesight deteriorated. Mary went from a career in finance to learning how to live life with vision loss.

Born in Toronto and raised in a southern-Italian home, food was at the centre of everything; for Mary it’s an expression of love. Mary believes that "Food heals us, unites us, and some of the most important conversations happen around a kitchen table." So Mary began to heal, by creating one recipe at a time. At a point in her life when she felt the most vulnerable and helpless, cooking helped her regain her independence, and a renewed happiness. When she was in the kitchen - She was free from worry that the condition was robbing her of sight. “Food is Empowering!” - one of the many reasons Mary uses food to help others.

Mary’s media appearances include The Marilyn Denis Show, Breakfast Television, Global News, Global TV’s The Morning Show, and more. She’s been published in Refinery29 “Are You Blind?” Navigating A Socially Distanced World With A Visual Impairment, featured in The Kit, and works on numerous brand Collaborations, speaking engagements for the CNIB, AMI, Fighting Blindness Canada and more.

In April 2018 the Kitchen Confession Podcast was born and is now an AMI Original Podcast - where she interviews some of the most influential people in the food industry. She also loves to talk about food which landed her a weekly spot on the Kelly and Ramya TV show.

Most recently, on March 16, 2023 Mary’s television show premiered her third season! She is the host of Accessible Media Inc’s (AM-tv) series “Dish with Mary.” In the eight episode series, she cooks alongside some of the country's top Chefs. The show is the first of its kind using IDV (Integrative Described Video) so every viewer can watch the same show together without voice over prompts - inclusive TV!

Mary is an eternal optimist, a believer in all that is good, and fiercely dedicated to continuing to find hers and help others find their “ability in disability