Mirtha Coronel

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13 Seats Book






The Leader in me loves to step in, roll up my sleeves and apply the skills, abilities and strengths I've gained over a 16 year career working in a fast paced retail environment to significantly and positively impact dynamic and progressive organizations. I am drawn to organizations where there exists a mutual commitment to act with integrity, to behave responsibly, to treat people with respect while operating with organizational excellence.

My goal is to be a part of a winning team in a world class organization where I can contribute to the task of creating customer demand while growing a high performance, values-based company who is passionate about providing high-quality, innovative products/services to people across the globe. On a more personal note, I believe strongly in giving back to my local community and continuously seek opportunities to help out and to be engaged in it.

13 Seats: The Women Who Dared to Testify is an anthology of the real-life experiences twelve unique women live. Their stories touch on issues such as mental health, living with a disability, abuse, marriage, self-identity, grieving the loss of a loved one, juvenile delinquency and more. As you read through the stories, you will be moved to mourn and rejoice with them.