Naomi Hiltz

Award Nomination:

Arts and Culture


Healthful Communications


Photography & Videography Manager




With an honours fine arts degree in film and photography, Naomi is an award-winning filmmaker, film director and photographer.

Naomi has been directing, filming and editing notable documentaries of different genres since 2003. She directed the acclaimed A&E special documentary, "Sex, Fame & Murder - The Luka Magnotta Story,"​ which has been televised in over 50 countries and has received significant international media recognition.

In addition to film, Naomi has a passion for photography and photographs for numerous lifestyle magazines, newspapers, food and health brands, health experts and celebrity chefs, including those of The Food Network. She has a natural ability to capture the most striking lighting and elements and principles of design in her photos.

Naomi's work has garnered 2 NYC Independent Film Festival awards. Named "A Face of the Future" by Maclean's magazine for her work in film, Naomi is also part of the production/distribution team for the compelling documentary “Lifeboat,” which received an Oscar nomination in 2019.