Natalia Popovitch

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Natalia Popovitch Group


Real Estate Agent and Founder of Moxii Pro




Natalia is the founder of Moxii Pro, a group that inspires women from all walks of life to help and support each other in learning, growing and build on their passion. She has inspired hundreds to follow their dream and leap into doing what they are meant to do. She is also the co-founder of Humber Condos, that promote waterfront community living. Her approach to real estate is quite different than others and her tenacity and the guidance she offers her clients is beyond the norms. Her purpose: bring others up with her and continuously achieve more for herself and show other to do the same. She mentors so many and for her, everyone deserves and can reach success. She does it with confidence, love and integrity! For all these reasons, its no wonder why that she has reached VVIP platinum status in pre-construction selling in a very short time. She is now on her way to opening her real estate brokerage so she can share with others how to achieve the same for themselves.