Nazrin Amirbayova

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business








Nazrin has two main passions in life, people and Real Estate. More specifically, she has always enjoyed helping people in any way that she could, and she has always appreciated properties in the same way some people appreciate art. Combining these two passions has made her a highly recommended Realtor in all areas of this industry. Her passion is contagious and people will value your experience with her!

Nazrin’s interest in Real Estate began as a young adult, first as an investor, and then, as her experience and success grew, she made it her profession. She was further inspired to strive for excellence while working internationally on the prestigious Shangri-La Toronto development.

Nazrin has been an award-winning realtor for the past ten yea and is committed to her goal of being the best professional in her field. She is working toward opening her own brokerage in order to offer more competitive options for her clients.

This background, along with her personal integrity, allows her clients to completely trust her to represent and advise them appropriately. Their satisfaction is what her success is built upon.

In addition, Nazrin has previously clerked for a Real Estate lawyer, and can thus use this knowledge to her clients' advantage when needed.

One of Nazrin's favourite hobbies is Dance, and having been trained since childhood, she found her first employment opportunity as a professional dance instructor. This experience developed her wonderful sense of the aesthetic, as well as her patience - two qualities her clients appreciate.

She also enjoys travelling. Through her vast exposure, she has developed a good understanding of international architecture and décor. This makes it possible for her to relate to everyone’s personal preferences.

Nazrin has founded “Miss Naz Real Estate” and her mission is to exceed your expectations.