Sarina Singh

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For the past 20 years, Sarina has worked as a social worker, specializing in the areas of child welfare, mental health and addiction, domestic violence and working with high-risk and marginalized communities. She left the field in April 2017, due to stress related to the insufferable neo cultural Marxist postmodernist agenda that has taken over all aspects of the social work profession. An ideology which views the world through the lens of the oppressed and the oppressor. An ideology which dispenses any notions of objective truth or morality and now dictates policy and law in our legal, educational and political institutions. Workers are compelled to kowtow to a very limited narrative that is rooted in radical feminism and failure to do will have professional consequences. She is of the Milton/Mill school of thought, that believes that bad ideas need, and should be, debated in the open forum for 2 reasons:

1) the ideas can be exposed

2) good ideas/narrative could be presented that will challenge the bad ideas.

The threat of freedom of speech in Canada with the recent passing of Bill C -16 and the current M -103 motion have made her a staunch free speech advocate. She now hopes to devote her time, energy and voice to stand up to the value of free speech. She will be communicating her thoughts, ideas and lectures with other like minded people on her webpage with the hope of creating awareness.