Sasha Stoltz

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Sasha Stoltz Publicity






With a background deeply rooted in the business community, publicist & executive producer Sasha Stoltz, comes with a "both feet on the ground" quality that her clients have come to depend on. A respected member of Toronto’s publicity elite in the Film & Music industry for over 10 years, Sasha has become the "go to" Publicist , able to "turn on a dime” whatever the budget. Her personal touch to every detail & ability to stay calm & poised no matter the circumstance has earned Sasha the complete trust of her clients. Her ability to connect & hold on to relationships is key to her success. Garnering contacts in Canada, & US ensures her clients receive the exposure they deserve. From a young age, Sasha was fully entrenched in several successful family owned businesses. Sasha has worked the red carpets on both sides of the border, MMVA's, Toronto International Film Fest, Gemini Awards, US Daytime Emmys & NAACP Awards. Sasha is also the Executive Producer at Have Faith Productions. Have Faith Productions just completed the feature film "Sons 2 The Grave” filmed in Atlanta. The next project from Have Faith Productions will be the feature film "Loud Silence,” and the TV series "Hudson."