Shannon Green

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Green Lending Corporation - Mortgage Broker


Principal Broker




Shannon Green is the founder and CEO of Green Lending Corporation and Lady Entrepreneur with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Women's Empowerment. She also sits on the board for P.A.C.E Canada which provides early childhood education resources to basic schools in Canada and Jamaica.

Shannon believes her disciplined island upbringing has led her to become a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and 2021 titleholder of Mrs. Universe Jamaica.

Shannon's energetic drive-in business has propelled her to start Caribbean Pageants Inc. Because of Her appreciation for the Caribbean and for all the personalities that make up the islands. Growing up in a large multicultural country like Canada led Shannon to realize that everyone should have a voice, and when they can't be heard, they should find an avenue to be and this is the importance of having a voice on this platform.

Shannon has always been passionate about education and self-development and has always sought out a way to enhance her business and initiatives. Her educational background stems from a licensed paralegal, immigration consultant certificate, licensed mortgage broker and licensed life insurance agent.

Through her journey, Shannon hopes to inspire women aiming to achieve their own independence through entrepreneurship. Her goal is to help women reach their maximum potential, especially with their financial and independent goals.