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The Show About... with Simone RC






Simone RC is 6’1” tall and walking dynamite. For the past 3 decades, her multiple careers revolve around modeling, acting and hosting. The ever-changing world of fashion and entertainment did not scare her off. She decided to tackle it from three different directions! Started modeling at age 15 in Kansas City, Missouri and upon graduation from The John Casablancas Training Center, she married and gave birth to a son before age 21. A dedicated mother, she decided to put her glamorous career on hold and work in the medical field for four years. She later married her second husband at age 32 and moved from Kansas City to Chicago. Weather and modeling opportunities are very different in Chicago and a month before Chicago Fashion Week auditions, slipped on black ice and injured her lower back. The injuries caused her to take yet another safe career route. Modeling was on hiatus for ten years while working in the credit/collections industry. At age 38, suffering with severe back pain she persevered through a high-risk pregnancy and delivered her daughter at only 27 weeks. The family moved to Toronto in 2008 due to her husband’s career change and in 2010, she went back to modeling. Getting back into an industry at the age of 41 was unheard of BUT Toronto totally embraced her. With physical therapy and a talented agent, she reemerged and was able to remain in the fashion and entertainment industry. Finally, in November 2012, she created “The Interview Show Called ‘About…’”. In 2015 the show evolved into ‘The Show About… with Simone RC’.