Srilatha Jujaray

Award Nomination:



Mrs Canada Inc


Mrs Canada People's Choice- 2023; Mrs Canada Popular - 2023




Srilatha, the trailblazing first Telugu woman to clinch the esteemed titles of Mrs. Canada People's Choice and Mrs. Canada Popular, epitomizes resilience and unwavering determination. Her advocacy work spans a wide range of social issues, including environmental sustainability, equal rights for women and girls, cancer awareness, mental health, Autism Speaks Canada, and social welfare. In recognition of her efforts, she was awarded the Certificate of "True Spirit of Ontario" in 2023 and nominated for the "True Spirit of Oakville – Climate Action" in 2024, as well as nominated for the "Women in Power Awards”– Landed for Success and "Women Influencer of the Year 23-24" at her workplace. Srilatha actively participates in climate rallies, collects petition signatures, and engages with politicians to address the climate crisis in Toronto and beyond. She was also actively involved in Social and welfare activities of Action for Integrated Development Society, the organization implementing various activities like environment protection, Sustainable living, Pollution, Deforestation, Digital literacy awareness, Financial literacy & Renewable energy awareness. Her multifaceted advocacy and tireless efforts serve as an inspiration to all, reflecting a profound dedication to creating a better world for future generations.