Suha Islaih

Award Nomination:

Science and Technology


Mississauga Code Club


Co-founder and Program Coordinator




Suha Islaih is a technology educator, social innovator, and a mother of three boys. She is also the co-founder of Mississauga Code Club (MCC), where young learners are emerging as makers of new technologies instead of being just consumers. Suha discovered her passion for technology education after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Jordan. Following this, she started her career as a computer science instructor in a community a college for girls, and then moved to Palestine and continued her work in technology education. She arrived in Mississauga with her family as a Canadian newcomer in 2006. To upgrade her skills, she received an Interactive Multimedia post-graduate Certificate with high-honors from Sheridan Institute for Technology and Advanced Learning. Upon graduation from Sheridan, Suha was hired by the Research and Innovation Department at Sheridan. However, she decided to cultivate her passion for technology educationand launched Mississauga Code Club to help prepare the young generations for the digital age. One of Suha’s focus areas is attracting more girls into the world of computer science and robotics so they can build future careers in the growing digital industries, and do her part in breaking dominant divides in science and technology sectors.